At Jitterbugs we are passionate about helping young children develop and grow, and we strongly believe that active bodies lead to active minds.

Our high-energy programs are run in kindergartens, early learning, childcare and occupational therapy centres across metropolitan Melbourne and further afield. With a focus on movement, learning through play and fun activities, we are experts at encouraging young children from 6 months to 6 years to engage and participate in physical activity.  

Aside from being great fun, Jitterbugs sessions help develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, as well as their listening, concentration, social skills, and ultimately their self-confidence.

Structure of the program

We can tailor our sessions to your centre’s needs, with duration ranging anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours in length, at a time of day that suits your program. We offer incursions, occasional visits and a full year-long program, with a different theme every week.

The Jitterbugs Program is suitable for children of all ages, ensuring that all activities are age appropriate for babies, toddlers, pre-kinder and kinder aged children.

Our costs will vary depending on the length of the sessions you need, and payment can be organised either from your centre, or directly from the parents to Jitterbugs.

For a no-obligation quote, call us on 0415 438 990 or click on the link below.

Educational benefits

Our sessions encourage early childhood development through music, movement, and play-based learning. Our program provides learning experiences and skill development including:

  • Listening and following instructions
  • Learning to take turns and share
  • Developing concentration and co-ordination
  • Working together and problem solving
  • Personal space, interaction, and awareness of others

Each session comes with a fun activity sheet tailored to the week’s theme. We also provide the educators and parents/caregivers with a more detailed overview of the sessions’ learning objectives, with suggested follow-up activities.

Our Themes

Our weekly program offers plenty of variation, with over 40 engaging themes focused on early learning and development. Our learning outcomes link with National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework of “Belonging Being and Becoming”.

Our themes include:

Our Instructors

All Jitterbugs staff have a current WWCC and are experienced in teaching preschool aged children. Sessions focus on positive interactions and staff provide lots of encouragement, allowing children to explore their own ideas, movements, imagination and creativity.



Bilingual Montessori Early Learning

“The children are always excited to have Jitterbugs visit. I’ve found them to be innovative, creative, and importantly for us, flexible.”


Lyndel Childcare Centre

“When we announce Jitterbugs is coming, the children squeal with joy!  They love moving their bodies and the excitable energy Katherine brings.”


Online Zoom session

“My children loved getting involved with the actions and watching the other children dance. Was a nice change to the usual routine during lockdown.”

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0415 438 990

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